Miami Boat Hull and Fiberglass Repairs

If you are looking to give your boat the ultimate protection, there is nothing better than the gel coat. It is used in order to keep the original surface of cars, trucks and other vehicles as good as new. Everybody has seen boats in terrible conditions. There are many boats that have been neglected for years and look like wooden carcasses. In order to make a boat look good and perform well, you need to get the help of a professional who will ensure that your boat gets the right kind of look to match its power packed performance.

Ways to make your boat look sparkling new:
The first thing required for giving the boat a great look is to determine the level of oxidation. Once you understand that, you have to put the gel coat to good use. The gel coat is the ideal thing for boat surfaces because it is much more durable than normal paint.

Another thing that you can do is use fiberglass hulls instead of the wooden variety. The fiberglass hulls are in vogue because they look better and at the same time are much stronger.

If you are bent on rejuvenating an old boat, you have to incorporate the basic changes at first. Start with the hull and then move on to the other parts.

Most hulls are made from glass reinforced plastic. However, this material enhances the levels of confusion for a layman because different individuals call this material by different names! However, if you get hold of a decent professional who takes the responsibility of giving a new look and a new attitude to your old boat, you can be rest assured that the end result will be great.

The fiberglass material needs to be treated in a special manner and made to go through a chemical reaction that will finally give you the end product. The fiberglass is one of the best materials to use for making your boat look and feel like a new one.

If you are utterly confused about what function the polymers have in this entire process, let us try and make things a bit easier. Polymers are special kinds of plastic that are used along with fibers in order to make something stronger. The polymers are compounded with the fibers in order to make the surface of your boat stronger and more weather resistant.

Applying the gel coat
With all this done, we come back once again to the gel coat. The gel coat is the outermost shiny layer that will adorn the hull of your boat. The gel coat has to be applied with a lot of care. The first coat needs to be given when the boat is being built. This needs to be followed up by the second coat. The first layer should ideally be around a half centimeter thick. This layer is made by mixing the resin and the polymer. These two materials are linked together and then sprayed on the surface of the boat.