Ocean Star Shipping Issuers Rise

Ocean Star Shipping Issuers Rise

Ocean Star Shipping Issuers Rise: PT Bintang Samudera Mandiri Lines Tbk (BSML), a sea transportation and shipping service company. Managed to save a profit of Rp 9 billion as of the third quarter of 2022, an increase of 13.92% from the same period the previous year of Rp 7.9 billion. This is support by a number of collaborations and company efficiency measures. Based on the annual report. Bintang Samudera recorded a profit for the year in that period of Rp. 10.8 billion. For comparison, in the same period last year, BSML’s profit for the year was only around Rp. 3.06 billion.

Ocean Star Shipping Issuers Rise

The cost of revenue for BSML Tbk as of September 30, 2022 has increased to Rp 184.5 billion from the same period last year of around Rp 33.1 billion. The increase in Bintang Samudera’s profit was influenc by a decrease in selling expenses by around Rp. 696 million, while last year’s sales expenses reached around Rp. 820 million.

This satisfactory performance was also influenc by the cooperation program of BSML Tbk with a subsidiary of the State Electricity Company (PLN), namely PT Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna. The cooperation is establish for the operation of transporting coal needs for PLN’s Steam Power Plant (PLTU). Bintang Samudera is targeting to transport 90,000 metric tons of coal per month for the PLTU owned by PLN to fulfill the domestic market obligation (DMO).

As is known. The prospect of the main coal energy sector is still good until the end of 2022.

The global reference price of ICE Newcastle coal per September reached US$ 463 per ton, which is the highest record in history. In addition to the sea transportation service business. Bintang Samudera is also developing the ship management service business sector. In this line of business, Bintang Samudera provides professional services to other ship companies.

This series of services begins with BSML Tbk preparing a team and infrastructure to meet the operating needs of ship owners and ensure that the ship is operat with a safe and efficient system. The business economy in the smelter sector is also showing a positive performance. Investment in the nickel processing industry is predict to increase this year and in the years to come.

Even the electric battery industry will be predicted to be the prima donna that will boost the volume of commodity transportation. This is also a potential market for Bintang Samudera. The improvement of BSML Tbk’s services will also continue to be supported by an excellent fleet and prioritize safety in order to establish cooperation and benefit both parties.