Search Engine Marketing For Drop Ship Business

Search engine marketing focuses to improve the visibility of online businesses through major search engines. This is done using the following major search engine marketing techniques:

1. contextual advertising
2. search engine optimization
3. paid inclusion
4. paid placement
5. and more….

Statistics for the year 2008 revealed that advertisers in North America spent as much as $13.5 billion for search engine marketing. The most popular vendors for SEM are: Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. However, there are several online business owners who are not familiar with the system, especially for drop ship business owners. You can seek professional advice or do the SEO by yourself.

Search Engine Marketing Tools
Here are the most popular online marketing tools to increase the number of online visitor of your drop ship website.

Web Analytics
Web Analytics forms an important part of Internet marketing. It’s not just a nice to have, it’s a MUST HAVE tool for your search engine-marketing tool.

By looking into server logs and web analytics data, you can understand how many visitors are coming to your website and what’s the referral. Visitors are coming from different channels such as: contextual advertising at other websites, major search engines, paid online advertisement or through friend’s emails.

Web analytics can help you understand how to use the right marketing campaign for your website. Analytics can also help you to determine which locations get consistent hits on your drop ship website, thereby making room for geo-targeting.

Brand Awareness for your Drop Ship Business
It is important to create brand awareness for your online business, so more visitors will remember your website and keep coming back. Establishing product credibility through branding will help new clients choose your product, and not your competitors. You can increase the brand awareness through social media.

Blogging about your Drop Ship Products
Another popular marketing tool is blogging. As a marketer you can write about the latest information about specific product and provide tips. You can drive the traffic back to your own website adding a linking the website.

To increase the traffic or online visitor of your blog, you need to add 2 or 3 blog post per week. Every blog post must have an interesting topic and optimized for the search engines. By adding the right keywords in your blog post will help increase the search results.

Blogs are followed by many RSS readers. As soon as a new post is uploaded they receive an email at their RSS reader with the feed link point back to your blog. People that like your blog content often bookmark and share the link within their blog community.

If the blog has interesting and update to date topics, blog readers will keep following your blog and tell their friends about your blog. Blogging is one the most powerful viral marketing tool.

Currently, microblogging can be done through Twitter, where you can broadcast every update of your blog post.

Link Building
Link building will help increase the ranking of the search engine results. Higher ranking in the major search engines such Google, Yahoo and MSN will increase the number of visitors to your website.

Link building is done by can getting other online websites linking to your website. Link building involves reciprocal linking, purchasing links, submitting articles to article directories and more. But avoid exchanging links with link farm, because that will hurt the ranking of your website.

Pay per Click
Search engine marketing has also received a big traffic boost from the pay per click model of advertising. The advertiser in this case, pays a fixed amount for every click on the ad posted at the major search engines. Currently there are three big Pay Per Click providers:

1. Google AdWords
2. Yahoo Advertising
3. MSN AdCenter

Online PRs
Online PR is another a major tool of search engine marketing. Publishing online press releases about product launch, company event or sales increase can help drive more traffic to your website, because many journalist of news writer are looking for new stories. If the story is very interesting, it might be published in the big journals. This will give your website a tremendous boost of traffic. A press release will also help build trust of the company website.