This Boeing 767 Is One of the World’s Largest Private Jets

Consider traveling anywhere in the globe on your personal non-public Boeing 767 airplane with a whole-size bedroom and shower. If you are John H. Ruiz, you do not have to imagine. This billionaire Miami legal professional owns this unbelievable personal jet, at the time a industrial plane that could seat 216 travellers and fly for 12 hours straight.

Who is John H. Ruiz?

A United Airlines Boeing 767-300 aircraft model departing Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

United Airways Boeing 767 | Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto by using Getty Pictures

According to Automobile Evolution, John H. Ruiz is a multi-billionaire lawyer and television identity, entrepreneur, and trader. He was born in Miami Beach, Florida, in 1967 and is the son of Cuban immigrants. His achievements as a attorney are remarkable, and his entrepreneurial ventures have made him very wealthy. Significantly of his results comes from his wins in big legal scenarios against pharmaceutical businesses and his entrepreneurial pursuits. He also owns the boat maker Cigarette Racing.